We are the weapons

Heartbreaking is just our hobby

For people born with sex appeal
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This community if now officially open. So Join.

About the Community

We are the Elite heartbreakers. We’re the wicked ones your mommy warned you about. We’ll take your heart and put it through the shredder. We’re more likely to kick your ass while wearing heels, then check our lipstick and smile for you. We have few limits. We’re the girls who tease and rarely ever please. We’re the darker side of sexy, we’re the silhouettes of lust. We are the Wicked Fxcks. Are you?

Maior risus, acrior ensis- (The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife)


Maintainer & Head Mod
This is a dictatorship, and I am the dictator, submit.
If you don’t You will be my personal bitch,and all hell will raised on you.
spot needed

Applicant Rules/Application

We' don't care if your not unique,butt ugly,and have zero sense of style.
We're looking for the sex appeal.That first glance that will make us say
"She's sexy."or "She looks naughty."
It's not Just Looks it's that special vibe certain people give off.
Remeber that, so show a little skin.Unleash your wild side be a wicked fxck.

1-No one under 15. There is nothing sexy about a 14-year-old. If you think you’re an exception apply in my journal.

2-You have two days after joining to submit the application.

3- Put “The Darker Side of Sexy” in the subject line and “Dr. can you fix the knife wounds?” in the lj-cut.

4-This is a rating community. If you get criticized, then deal with it.

5-You have the right to stick up for yourself. Being bitchy is wicked.

6- If you were invited, look at the “Invited” section to see the rules for invitees.


Member Rules

1-Add us to your friends page to keep on top of activities.
2-Be as harsh and brutal as you want. They asked for it.
3-Participate in superlatives. Be active!
4-Remember, you are allowed to invite one person.
5-Be fxcking wicked!
Note: If you don't want to be featured during elimination,be active
Here is a small banner just to stick somewhere in your userinfo


+Member's Page and Testimonials+
moontrip - Pixi +10 pts
ghostflowers_x - Roxy +10pts
neon_zombie - Tabby
xqueenxluckx - Megan Wicked +10pts
named_blessed - Arielle +50pts
withxy0u_______ - Violet +20pts (On hiatus till 28th)
dancernc4415 - Aimee +10pts (on Hiatus)
shootxthekids - Morris or Ninjaboi +10pts
ultrasexified - Alyssa (On hiauts)
brittmarie - Brittany +25pts
_electricbonbon - Jenn
qutsies - Mands
illnana - Jess
fluorinefrenzy - flourine
ima_french_fry - Meghan (On hiatus)
bouquet_ofpills - Devi
darkastaroth - Amelia +32 pts
blood_blush - Elena
gingerbreadcunt - Gingerbread cunt +40 pts
None yet.

None yet.

Wickedest Fxck of the Month

Our member of the month will be featured here.
This person will be allowed two invites,auto accepting & rejecting.
And they will also get this for them to proudly post wherever.

The Invited

To invite someone you need to use the above banner.
and vice versa if you were ivited you will see that banner.

Every accepted member may invite one person. Basically, it’s an auto-accept. There is no voting. The person submits the application, and they’re in. So invite someone good.

If you apply from an invite then tell us
who invited you -
show us the invitation -
put Invited in the subject line of the application -
and then fill out the normal app.


Superlatives Worth 12 points.
Cutest Couple

Weekly theme Worth 10 points
Pictures of your best friends with a little history about them

Scavenger Hunt Worth 10 points

Your favorite food
Your favorite Horror movie
A crying child
A Street sign
A Family Potrait
Friends Only Banner
Treasure Chest

Promote us Worth 3 points
With links.

Note: All activities help you towards being Wickedest Fxck of the Month.


After we get about 45 members we're going to start hosting
challenges for inactive members. The loser's will be eliminated
and kicked out of the community.

1 - You can suggest inactive members to me, but I will be the ultimate challenge picker
2- You will have the change to vote on which member you would like to stay
or be eliminated.

[ vote XxXx here ]

The elimination rules & application
+ Both people selected will submit the same application.
+ The person eliminated may join again,but they must submit a normal
app to be voted on.
+ If you don't submit an app in the required amount of time you
will be removed.

Promotional Resources

More Banners and Stamps can be found
here |xXx|

Sister communities

If you would like to be added as a sister community
contact playingntraffic at my personal journal.
tribadism_unit -A rating community for girls who like girls
catch_my_eye_x3 -A rating community


brittmarie for our userinfo coding
amillionlayouts for our layout.